Executive Chair Series

With the steady increase in workload, the life of an office executive has become that much busier, thereby increasing the need of comfortable furniture, which can bring down the level of stress. Regent Seating Collection is proud to introduce an all new range of executive chairs that is designed to offer extra comfort as well as lend a lot of style to a workplace.
An executive’s job involves sitting for hours on end. An uncomfortable chair in such a scenario is a sure way to attract body aches, which further results in low productivity and an unhappy bunch of employees.

Regent’s executive chairs are manufactured from the finest quality wood, steel and other products for added comfort and freedom from postural defects. The material used to manufacture these chairs is procured from reliable vendors so that the end product is nothing but absolutely perfect.

The chairs are provided with height and tilt adjustability system to fit all body types. Apart from the various design and colour options already available, we can also get a customised chair made for clients with specific requirements.

The chairs are competitively priced and will be safely delivered at your doorstep.
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